2001-08-09 01:50:01 (UTC)


i dont know wat to do im on a emotional roller coaster the
computer at moms is all f*cked and i cant go on it and
thats my fav place to talk to chris..and chris just went to
his moms house and he doesnt feel good..i dont blame him
cause its his first time back in the house ever since the
animals were put to sleep and i went to the museum w my
grandparents woa lotta fun and then it was so hot that we
went to the beach and i actually went swimming! w/o shorts
over my suit! but other then that life totally
bro sis and i went to mcdonalds w my dad and we were
talking bout wat we would do if we won the million dollars
and they were saying all this bs but o well and then i was
like every weekend id go to canada and spend it w
chris..and now hes blowing me off cause he doesnt feel
good..i dont know wat to do im getting really
depressed..and i dont know y i need help but jamie and
chris are the ones that are there to help my one best
friend jess..well i dont know wat happened to her she got
new friends and she didnt neccesaraly forget about me she
just hasnt said much and jamie is babysitting for the next
2days from 9am till midnight and i have no one to talk to
and i dont know if i can rely on chris at this time cause
hes feeling the same way..and i have ryan but he doesnt
listen to me i dont understand y its kinda annoying cause
hes my best friend besides chris but i think he should b
lookin after me betteri feel like his sister that he doesnt
really have..twins if you would say..but we know everything
about eachother and its nice cause then i have a tru guys
point on everything cause we both agreed that we wouldnt
lie about ne thing like if i didnt like his hair or he had
somthing stickin out of his nose id b the one to tell him i
would never let it sit there and embarass him cause im not
like that..okay i need chris and he hasnt talked to me its
makin me really really sad i dont know wat else to say
cause im so depressed..if you are reading this when it is
posted or other wise and you have yahoo messenger my sn is
imacornball2004 and i really need some help right now and i
hope you will understand...~Cori~