le soleil et la lune
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2001-08-09 01:32:21 (UTC)

i can't believe school is starting

Ok, this entry will have to be short b/c my mom has this
weird idea that I should be asleep early. So anyway, last
night CJ read my diary, while he's talking to me online,
and I'm just sitting there trying to think if anything in
there would piss him off or embarass me too terribly.
I went to talk to Chris at Old Navy today, b/c I'm tired of
sitting around and waiting for him to call, and I'm sick of
sticking up for Old Navy to my parents. But of course,
he's not there, and none of the other managers can tell me
anything. Suprise, suprise. And then, who do you think of
all people is in Old Navy? Cory, who supposedly has the
week off is sittin' up in there. I'm sorry, I wouldn't be
in there if I was off. He wasn't even shopping, just
hanging out. That's just weird. I met the infamous
Katrina today, and she seemed really nice, which I'm gald
about. I also saw my cousin Katrina and her friend Cat who
did little more than ignore me when we walked by each other
today. Now I wonder if she is mad at me instead of the
other way around.
I'm nervous about going back to south tomorrow. My
schedule wasn't set in stone when I left on Tuesday, so
hopefully nothing will have changed. There are also some
people there that I don't particularly like, and I have the
feeling that I will end up having lots of classes with
them. And I'm kinda wondering who's homeroom I will be in,
b/c I'm usually in KT, and Amanda's, but since Tiff is in
the same homeroom as them so i don't know if just a lot of
people droppped out, or if the class is just big, or if we
are divided up differently. I hope it isn't the last one,
b/c if I get stuck somewhere to put up with Brandi Rogers
by myself it will not be pretty.
So let's see how the first day turns out. Hopefully it
will be fine.