Something that can't be explained
2001-08-09 01:19:31 (UTC)


Have you ever loved someone you don't even know? Someone
you've never officially "met" in person. Someone you know
doesn't even know that you exist? Too some this may sound
as "infatuation", but I know what love is. I know what love
feels like. And this is it. I love this guy...who I've
never met. I've only seen. I've only heard. I've only read
about. Yes...a musician. I'm not saying who, do to the fact
my friends will give me complete and other shit about it.
He's not perfect. He's anything but perfect. He's loud,
obnoxious, chubby, a mad practical joker, and so much more.
But that makes him...him. He just totally seems like
someone I could relate to. Someone I could just sit down
and talk to...about nothing, or something important. He
seems like the type of person that would listen. He seems
like the kind of person I could joke around with one
minute, but cry on his shoulder the next. I don't get it.
Maybe my "asumptions" about his personality...are
completely wrong. Maybe they are right. Chances are, I'll
never know. I'll probably never get to meet him. I'll
probably never get to stand face to face and tell him what
his music has done for me. I'll probably never even get an
up-close glimpse of him. Knowing this..kills me inside.

You may be reading this thinking "what a teeny." I'm
anything but a teenybopper. I'm totally into music soley
for the music. I don't judge songs or albums by the people
that wrote them. If some 4 yr old, parapalegic boy was to
write an amazing album..then so be it. The music is what
matters to me. That's how I found this guy, his groups
music. 5 years ago when I first heard of them...I was only
12 and obsessed. I was young, give me a break. I've matured
a lot..and realize it's about the music, and then the
people. So don't think I'm some teenybopper who found the
person/group...then the music. It was totally the other way
around. It's just something about him. Something that can't
be explained...

Mood: lost
Listening to: "Dying to Be Alive"-Hanson