the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2002-10-28 16:15:34 (UTC)

when the music stops

yeah so I dunno like I am tired and I am annoyed and I feel
alone and like everything I was comfertable with is gone.
I feel like everything has been riped away from me . The
friends I worked so hard to get the life I waited so long
to have. its all gone. I have no idea what I did. I seem to
be so far away from reality and I have no one to talk to
this about b.c I am on my own and I don;t know if I should
trust in anyone. I want to but I don;t think I can. It is
an odd feeling to have everything u want and then loose it
in the blink of an eye and not know why some one teased u
like that. These are the times when I would turn to people
like Travis to assure me I was better and that I shouldn't
let that kinda stuff bother me. That I would always have my
ghetto friends who would be true till the end and now I
don't even have that. I am alone with out anyone or
anything to place comfort in and I am not sure what to do
or who to turn to b.c I feel like the music has ended and
my time is up and now I am alone . humm kinda funny really,
I spent my whole life trying to please other people and it
back fired .. humm so I dunno I'll be okay i only have a
few more months here and then i am gone.