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2002-10-28 15:29:21 (UTC)

life or something like it.

yea life sucks. i have A lunch today. pretest in spanish.
huge test in Lit. Test in Biology. stupid bi0tch in
geometry. school sucks. i want to go home. sleep. sleep is
good. im getting yelled at for not paying attention. hah.
like i care. someone on crimson actually likes my story. i
havent heard back from sara ryan yet. me and kate finished
the book cover. not that it matters. my throat hurts. i
need more pills. pop another throat drop. yumm. berry and
tropical splash. i ate about 30 in second hour. i already
have about 4 hours of homework and its only third hour.
yay. the band is back together. chris thought dad wanted to
play with terry and not him. so chris left. but dad told
chris he wants to play his songs and chris is a better
friend than terry. al and leonard agree. theres a band
again. i get to see ashley on thursday. finally. tonight me
and paige are going to go shopping at halloween usa.
wednesday we are going to go to the maze of terror.
thursday i think we are going to go trick-or-treating with
my brother and his friends. or with jay and manda. im not
sure yet. but it will be fun. this is how im going to write
in my journal from now on. i wont abuse commas. ill abuse
periods. heh. heh. heh. i showed mike funny pictures of
paige. he laughed. he loves her. im unloved. but i dont
care. hehe. im thirsty. i want sum mountain dew. swartz
creek only have coke and seven-up shit. no pepsi. no
mountain dew. doesnt that blow? well who cares what you
think. i think it does. heh. i have to use a crappy
computer in best now. mr gifford gave us a new seating
chart. it sucks. no speakers. cant listen to music. pages
come up slow. cant hide shit as fast. no kazaa. freezes
frequently. makes funny noises. have to kick them to get
them to work. i wish i acutally had something interesting
in my life to talk about. the book im reading right now is
called cheevy. its good. you should read it. thats what im
going to do now. later