Meshed Up
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2002-10-28 13:16:57 (UTC)


well my younger sister got complimented for her beauty
again by a stranger.

i wonder if it's natural for siblings to dislike other
siblings. i suppose it is. i must be pretty natural.


in the eyes of a kid. during dinner time, my 8-year-old
brother (KB) and my older sister (OS) had a little

KB: can you dream with your eyes open?
OS: yes you can. that's what you call 'daydreaming'.
KB: i can talk in my brain without opening my mouth!
OS: of course you can! that's what you call 'thinking'.
KB: i can hear music even if there's no music playing.
OS: that's what you call 'imagination'.

that's what i call 'memory'.


i do stare at the mirror sometimes and will myself to look
better. but of course, it doesn't happen. i still look like
me...much to my chagrin. i wonder if ugly people can ever
become beautiful one day. or was the ugly duckling uglier
as a swan?

i'm getting sleepy. as a young girl would say, 'i want to
be beautifuller.'

oh never came across to me that joan of arc is
one of my idols. hmmm. i don't think so...