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2001-08-09 00:19:17 (UTC)

this is my first entry in muh..

this is my first entry in muh new online diary.. dope,
huh?! not really.. but..yah.. dis muh lil intro into that

goosh.. i duno im feeling.. a lil bit..confused and
somewhat scared.. i dunt even want ta explain it.. or
mention names..cause.. u kno.. i might end up gettin
involved into some mess i don't think i shouldve been in..
i was just there.. being a homechick and all.. and next
thing you kno it.. im here in danger.. i dunno.. its just
weird.. i dunno even kno what to do...*sighs* but thank god
im not alone.. (( smilin at muh kay )) heh

ive been tryin ta get rid of these weiird feelings. i dunno
im feelin a weird vibe that sumptin is goin happen to me...
i just want out of this whole deal.. i just need to be
secure.. and i don't feel it.. its not there.. i ain't

aaa shiit.. i hate my page!.. my main page ain't
workin..motha fukkin shiit!.. i hate it!...i

(((( dammit coreen! think of other shiit!! )))) YAY! smilin
again... mee n muh mcgorgeous beb are
talkin..ahahhahahaha.. i thought i was stressin earlier..
but.. i kno i've goot homies out there that'll make mee
feel better.. YAY! yesterday was coo.. i fianlly talked to
one of muh goood buddies! was coo..fukkin is startin soon..motthha suckka.. oo
wellz..thats bout it.. geee.. dis is dope... release
everythin out and shiit.. aiite.. well.. its coo..