Jess's Journal
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2002-10-28 11:57:27 (UTC)

I'm Back

Much to people's dismay, I am back from vacation. However,
some people actually like me. I only got one bad email,
which I took care of. On the other hand, I had one good
email (and I mean good..someone I hadn't talked to in
forever..boy did I miss him) and a good conversation (always
have that with Chris...never lets me down). So here's what
went down: Tuesday night- 1 am- left for Tennessee had no
company (wish someonee was there...he knows who he is) so I
ended up sleeping the whole way on the backseat. pretty
comfy. Wed- arrived in Tenny spent the night in a hotel.
Thur- spent most of the day visiting with family (Brody
likes powerrangers and liked me...I'm so good with kids).
Then went to check in to cabin...way back in the
mountains..scary drive..almost off cliff...thought I was
going to die..turned out to be a really nice place. Friday-
parents anniversary..Sat- finished off craft shopping Sun-
came home!! almost died then too..crazy drivers..glad I
don't live in Illinois!! well gotta go..I'll write more