2002-10-28 11:08:53 (UTC)

Busy, Busy Day

This morning was spent making Halloween treats for boys. I
made chocolate cupcakes with orange frosting, a few pumpkin
cookies and rice krispie treats. I added little extras to
their boxes--Halloween plates, cups and napkins, a card,
some decorations, Halloween candies and an apple turnover.

We went to Corvallis in the afternoon, first to the library
to pick up books, then to some office supply stores (John
didn't find anything he wanted except a color ink cartridge
for my printer), to Bath, Bed and Beyond to use our
coupons (we bought a tablecloth to use on the holidays, a
chef's apron for me and a marble paper towel holder).
Then onto to Goodwill where I found a small crystal dish.
A trip to Fred Meyers to use our coupons--$5 for 5 half-
gallons of milk or orange juice--I bought three orange
juice and two milks, buy one and get one free 18-pack
cartons of eggs and three pounds of butter for $5.

Then it was time to drop off the treats. Owen looked tired
but well and said he'd gotten a B on the only midterm he'd
taken so far. Gavin said he'd gotten an A on his computer
engineering midterm and B in chemistry. Both have math
midterms this week. Gavin wanted some stuff so we took him
to Fred Meyer's but they didn't have what he wanted.

By now it was 4 p.m. but John wanted to go to Costco in
Albany. We took the scenic route which follows the river;
beautiful scenery.

John found the items Gavin wanted while I did my shopping.
I bought more milk, potato chips, apples, bananas,
dishwasher liquid, a case of Coke, Halloween candy for the
trick or treaters, hot cocoa mix and Crisco. Interesting
mix of stuff there.

It was almost six before we got home (really seven with the
time change) and we were all very hungry so I made
hamburgers. Hugh had brought in some wood while we were
gone so John made a fire. It was cozy eating by firelight on a
cool autumn evening.

After cleaning the kitchen and starting the dishwasher and
then the laundry I watched the Antiques Road Show, read a
bit and fell asleep. Of course, I then woke up at 2 a.m.
and here I am, still awake, an hour later.

I think I'll have a piece of toast and a cup of hot cocoa
and try to sleep a bit more.