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2002-10-28 10:55:11 (UTC)


Wow, I've been inspired yet again. I volunteered this
past weekend at a clinic hosted by Monty Roberts while he
is on his tour. It brings new meaning to the phrase 'seeing
is believing'. Meeting the people on his crew, Melena,
Koelle, Wayne, and Monty himself have given me a new focus
and brought some semblance to life. They are truely
increadible people!
I plan now on doing some volunteer work at his ranch,
Flag is Up Farms, in Salinas CA. What he is doing to the
equine community is truely amazing.
While there I was able to watch his methods and
techniques. Bettering a horse through a gentle tactic
instead of the usual or widely used harsh methods, is a
much safer alternative. After having Stargazer and never
laying a harsh hand on him, it is comforting to know that I
was right in the way I trained him, for he is now as loyal
a horse as I could ask.
Monty, well, I was surprised. He appears as an older
gentleman, silvering hair, cowboy hat perched atop his
head, and standing at about 5'8 at best. I was able to look
directly eye level with him, gazing deep into soft steel
grey eyes. There is a comfortable air about him, yet it is
as though he has seen and experianced both the savage
reality, and the joy at joining up with an animal untamed.
I felt at times, as I turned into his sizing gaze, that I
was being measured. That I got more than just a simple
glance and 'like the rest' label; from him I felt as though
searched, carefully examined per say. Maybe it is my
imagination running rampant; or perhaps just the wishes of
a simple girl wanting to find a niche in a method of horse
training that should be the universal standard. To ask and
receive, instead of demand of the horse. For in the
partenership between horse and rider, the horse is/as an
equal instead of the inferior being to the rider.
By these people, Malena, Koelle, and Wayne, I was
accepted. Not just as a volunteer with Hearts and Hooves,
but as a person. :) Sharing with them a common interest, as
well as passion for horsemanship.