2001-08-08 23:57:58 (UTC)

August 8th....FIRST DAY OF SENIOR YEAR!!!....

Well, today was my first day of school. Ummm...I don't know
what to say about it. It just doesn't feel the same. The
faces that I got so sick of seeing....I wish I could see
them now. Anyway, I think I want a boyfriend now. Like J-LO
say, "My appetite for love is now my hunger pain." There
really isn't anyone at our school to talk to like that. We
have the dudes in my class that are okay, but they have
talked to everyone. I don't know what to do. I mean, I know
I'm a pretty girl(I'm not trying to sound conceited) but I
know I could have almost any guy that I wanted. It's
just...there's no one to really want. I guess patience will
play a role in the process of me getting a man....hell,
I'll even settle for a boy! But I've been long overdue for
one, so hopefully I'll be sent one soon. But anyway, I'm
over the whole Leroy thing. I guess that's only because of
an outside influence, but maybe it's what I needed to hear.
Let me tell you what was said....okay, there was
conversation and the person I was talking to said, "Sure,
I'll let you go to Clemson for a college visit, but I bet
Leroy won't be worried about you." Ummm...WAKE UP CALL
JOCELYN! It's kinda true. Leroy is gonna come accross some
females that are gonna blow his mind and I won't mean a
thing to him. I just give up all the hopes of me and him in
the distant. It's okay though. Because I loved Leroy, but
not to the point to where I would just wait on him. Like, I
don't plan to hear from him again. When he comes home, I'll
probably see him and speak to him, but other than
that....nothing more. I mean, the whole sex thing is still
an issue...but maybe I'll save it for marriage...LOL. I
just feel kinda bad for Scoop because she probably has it
worse for him. Anyway, the females at Baldwin are so damn
stupid! I don't know what to say about those BIZNITES! They
are truly a mess. Let em have it J....you can't be on that
level with them. Well, I think I skipped a day on this
thang. I mean, since school has started, I'll probably be
really busy and stuff. I'll be working. Maybe I can get up
earlier than normal and write about the day before to keep
myself caught up on this.....MAYBE!.....*J*