more human than human
2002-10-28 06:17:51 (UTC)

Innocence with Experience....


My cherub over me,
smiling and brushing back my hair
He looks so innocent
yet seems to have been everywhere
And questions float through my mind
As he stares into my eyes
What's that look for?
What thoughts hide behind his gaze?
Why is he smiling?
(and when he isn't, why is he not?)
What makes him so happy?
And why,
As I'm lying here
am I so comfortable,
as if I've been laying
in his arms for many years?
And why does he care?
And I look into his eyes
and wonder what he's thinking
And I wake up while he sleeps
I wonder what he's dreaming of
I watch him from a distance
I wonder what song is he mouthing
and picking on a guitar that only we can see?
And does he ever think like this about me?