A Cavalier Looks At 27
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2002-10-28 06:05:15 (UTC)

October 27, 2002

Today I thought about Jenny all day long. She asked me
what I'd bveen thinking about all day long and I laughed,
because if I actually would have told her, it would have
taken days! I spent Friday night with her and I was just
so overwhelmed with love for her. She opened the door
wearing a black see through type thing and I nearly picked
her up and through her on the bed. I wanted the night to
be very special for her, though, and I think it was, even
if I had forgotten things and did not have time to get
other things. I wish I could put into words what she means
to me. She is so sweet, so precious, so beautiful, and oh
so sexy. I loved everthign about Friday night with her.
She had told me she liked being held down. I took her by
the wrists and held her. She fought back and I held her
down harder. I asked her today if she liked it, just to be
sure I wasn't doing things against her will of course, and
she did. I am so happy because I must admit, when she
tried to fight back and I overcame her, I was totally
turned on and wanted her that much more! I was so excited
when I went down on her too. First, she had let her hair
grow out a little down there and I just loved it. Next I
took my time and used a finger inside her and I just loved
the way it made her squirm around and breathe. I love
listening to her breathing when she is experiencing
pleasure. I was so excited I could not wait to taste her,
but I waited. Finally, with my finger still inside her I
used my tongue and I thought she was going to go through
the roof. I have always wondered what it would feel like
to have my tongue actually inside, and I think next time I
might try. She is great. She even let me use my tongue in
her ass too. I just loved it. If she wouldn't have been
so bored with it I might have stayed there forever. I'm
talking a lot about sex with her and I just need to say
that my feelings are so much deeper than physical. She
talks to me. I mean REALLy talks to me. Like she will
talk about the world and philosophy and sometimes the
things she will say or talk about will keep me thinking for
days at a time. I love that. I love the way her mind
works. I admire her for her ability to think things
through, though I could never tell her that because she'd
think I'd gone crazy. For some reason she feels like she
is not that strong in the mind sometimes. I love
everything about her. She stayed up with me when I was
nervous about a project. She went to the library with me
to help me with assignments. She is forever driving to see
me. I hope she does not think that I take these things for
granted. I know how busy her life is and to make time for
me must be next to impossible, but she does it. I am so
grateful to her for that, too. I really think that I would
be lost without her. She makes me feel like I am somebody,
and she is the first person to do that in years. I love to
look into her eyes and see her looking right back at me.
Sometimes I see this unconditional love smiling back at me
and I just want to scream to the world that I love this
girl. I really, truly do!

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