Meshed Up
2002-10-28 05:41:01 (UTC)

just updates (2)


well i'm taking a break from doing research. took some
laundry out of the dryer and popped in some used sheets and
pillow cases.

i suddenly remembered when a friend of mine collected my
laundry for me. she placed them in the laundry basket,
folded all my clothes nicely, then passed them to me. so
nice of her.

thanks jane. you're the best.



i have a cousin who's in canada. she's 14, is really
pretty, wears makeup, and just told her dad to shut up.

then she says she feels really old.

lol. that's the funniest thing i have ever heard.



ick. i sure am one ugly person.

spilled milk all over me. hmmm...