And now for something completely dumb
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2002-10-28 05:38:54 (UTC)


Well, here I am 6 days from Founder's Day and I don't have
a date. What can I say? I'm gonna probably end up taking
someone I don't really want to be with. So I'll go, have
fun, get drunk, and hang out with my buddies.
Wait...that's what I do every weekend anyway. Nothing
wrong with that. It just sucks that I'm dropping 80
bucks. Well, me and one of the guys are thinking of going
up to the sorority houses and asking if any girls are
interested in coming to the Beta Formal. It might work.
If we do, and someone does come, it'll be because they want
to go, not because they'd be interested in hanging out with
me. Chances are they'd blow me off anyway...shit it
happened last year and I was dating the girl I took. Why
can't life be simple? wouldn't be any fun.

I've been talking to this girl lately. She seems hella
cool. I would take her, but before I could ask, she told
me she couldn't go. She might as well have kicked me in
the balls.

I've talked about this for a while. I think I'm ready to
follow it. I mean, for as long as I remember I've put
others before me. It hasn't gotten me anywhere. Its my
time now.

Song playin: Fight Music by D12
Next person to call: Don't know, don't care
Cigarettes thus far: 4
Dumb thing done/said: "How in the hell did I get naked?"

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