Electric monkey
2001-08-08 22:56:12 (UTC)

"Hate is what i feel for you, and i want you to know that i want you dead"

I sat around all of today. i didnt want to go outside cause
of the heat so i stayed inside and played Super Mario Cart.
hhaha... funny game. i got 2nd place, stupid turtle beat
me. i was the princess. i like her, and plus mario is
always fighting for her any everything.
I love sleeping on my bed the wrong way. i dont know why,
heh.. i need to rearange my room or something.
So, i half way consumed a sour strawberry baby bottle pop
within minutes a while ago. it was pretty tasty.
Im sick of being nice to people, and having them screw with
me. Then afterwords, still being nice to them.

alrighty, pizzas here, gots to go.