ryan YC schim

how ryans been doin lately?
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2002-10-28 04:43:50 (UTC)

the day was good, but the night was bad

well today i got to sleep in and it was daylight savings
time so i got an extra hour, mom woke me up and i got a
bunch of new clothes, new ryan, new style, i actually dont
look to bad in it i think but who the fuck cares...im so
pissed right now, allison hates me for some reason, i took
home sarah and she thought i was mad at her, i didnt wanna
be at kfc anymore and i missed all of the angels game till
the top of the 9th, i talked to shy once today, this
morning but had to go cause my mom got frustrated and
wanted to leave right that second, allison wont tell me
what the fuck i did and its killing me...then i got a lil
problem with sarah that i need to deal with, we dont not
like each other its jus a minor thing thats always been
there, im gonna go see shy tomarrow if my parents stop
acting fucking GAY!!! i dunno what the fuck to do anymore,
peace out, fuck this shit, yay angels won...