The Princess Diaries
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2001-08-08 22:44:37 (UTC)

i'm back - been around the world =]

Nimeeeesha!!! =]

Okay, first things first! I missed you sooooo much lol sent
a postcard. Okay! Second things - stuff like before the
trip! Umm...the guy that threatened to beat me up
apologized (thank goodness!) and decided not to beat me up,
because he felt that the relationship was going down
ANYWAY, and this would be a good way to back out of
something he doesn't want to be in. YAY!

Anyway. France! I felt sooo dumb there! Everyone spoke erm
well, French! And since I didn't? Ugh...wasn't a good
combination. It was SO hot there, too! Oh, and I had to
walk a loooooot. Hrmf...that wasn't cool lol! But I met
these two hot guys ^_^ Louis and Francois (WHAT CUTE
NAMES!)..maybe they'll write...maybe they won't...doesn't
matter lol they were eye candy ;)

So how have you been, Nimeesha? I heard you were at Laura's
surprise party! =) Wassit fun? Tell me all about it lol!
Maybe we'll go catch a movie later this week~