No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-10-28 03:43:06 (UTC)


Lol. I just laughed my ass off. It was what I needed.
Definitely what I needed. My little sister was sleeping on
the couch. She started calling my name and I was
like "what?" She started asking me if I had the recipie or
something along those lines and my mom was motioning me to
not answer her. I sat in silence and watched her...she fell
back asleep and woke right up. I went in my room and
laughed. It was one of those things where you would
definitly have to be there to think it was so amusing. It
really was funny.
I noticed everyone complains on these diaries. I'm not
saying it's a bad thing, becasue it isn't. It is
interesting. It's like the news, or the paper. It is all
based on the bad things that happen. Not enough good things
are in the news anymore. But the bad catches our attention.
It's just how people are. I complain in most my entries
too, it's what keeps people reading my diary and it helps
me vent. Just thought it was kinda funny. I think I've
written to much today. I am hoping to not write again
tonight. But I can't guarentee anything.