pollen makes me sneeze
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2001-08-08 22:15:30 (UTC)

lemon juice in my hair

yesterday was wierd. astrid was sick, dad was sick, sandi
was sick. everyone was sick. you suck, winter.

on wednesday while i was at magzine comitee [and i can't
believe i missed this] the year sevens stole our soccer
ball and when vanessa and thi-anh went to get it back, one
of the year sevens started crying and swearing at them. so
last morning, vanessa, elizabeth, bri-ellen and colleen,
being the very mature things they are, went and stole the
benches and the rubbish bin from their spot and put it into
ours so they wouldn't have anywhere to sit. all through
lunch and recess we had to sit there with the the year
sevens on the other side of the oval screaming rude things
at us and everyone staring.

i wish they'd hurry up with building the round about so we
can have our old spot back on rosemary avenue. i still
can't believe they dug that poor tree out. damn.

yesterday i tried putting lemon juice in my hair to lighten
it up and you can't really see any difference at all. now
instead of turning that wierd copper colour in the sun, my
hair just looks washed out, so thanks for nothing, lemon


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