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2002-10-28 03:13:42 (UTC)

yeah well i'm bored

yeah well i didn't go to the movies. i shoulda. seriously
all i did today was talk on the phone to alex and joe. me
and joe called jesus, good times, yes. joe is so funny. oh
and i talked to angela online for a bit, had a very
intresting conversation. i didn't even getta watch ET, i
watched real world and it was boring. lifes boring i
really don't remember it being this boring when me and
danielle were friends... :( oh well what can ya do?
for some reason today i did a lot of thinking about my old
school, laguna. i sort of miss it, in a lot of ways. but
missions better i suppose... theres a lot of cooler people
there, joe should come back and then it would be like the
all time cool school of cool people. but yeah. this entry
has no significance. anyways bye