Meshed Up
2002-10-28 02:55:46 (UTC)

just an update

i've just successfully wasted my time. stupid junk mail. i
can't believe i even fell for it.

can't really think of much to write about. the pressure of
assignments is definitely weighing down on me.

hmmm... 'if you want to be a writer, you have to write
every day. the consistency, the monotony, the certainty,
all vagaries and passions are covered by this daily

maybe i should start writing everyday then. lol.


there's this girl who absolutely loves talking about all
the guys who supposedly 'like' her. she gets all excited
and happy, pretends she hates the attention, yet when one
sees her around the guy, it seems like she is the one
making all the moves and the guy doesn't really like her
that much.

oh well. she sure is sad. i feel so sorry for girls like
her. i wonder when they will ever grow up.


while we're still on the topic of guys, this kid once again
asked, 'so will you ever go for younger guys?'

for the nth time, no i will not go for younger guys.


this entry has won 'the most boring entry award' hands
down. probably more updates later. probably more
interesting stuff later too. toodles.