Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2001-08-08 20:56:16 (UTC)


Ok, let's see if you can....GUESS MY JOB..

I'm 14...I got black hair..I....I...

God, I'm a porn star, my mother is Dita von Teese, She
taught me well, and on a good day, she even lets me share
MarilynM with her,....I love my mommy

Besides that, I work at a tattoo parlour...oh yeah
but soon, I'm gonna be, urr...a mortician...because I'd rather
work with people when they're dead.
I'd also like to be one of them people who put makeup on
the dead..but as I don't even know what they're called, i
dont think I have a chance..I would like to do this, as I
spend half my time making living people look dead, i would
like to try make dead people look living...

Yep....that's ME!
Some people just can't understand sarcasm.

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