My Journey to Motherhood and Life
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2001-08-08 20:45:45 (UTC)

Canning tomatoes and jelly

So today is Wednesday, August 8,2001. Today I had the day
off. I have been canning all day. I have a small garden, and
it suddenly produced a lot of tomatoes. Last weekend my
husband and I tried canning for the first time. We onlu put
up 4 quarts of tomatoes, but that was enough for the first
time. Today, I picked about 40 tomatoes, but half have some
problem where they get soft, dark spots. Anyone know what
that is? I'll cut those spots off and use the rest fresh.
The healthy tomatoes I canned- only 2 quarts. It was a lot
of work for two quarts! I think one has to take joy in the
process or it will be too much work. Then I picked some
green apples from the tree in the yard and made some apple
butter- 4 half-pints. Now I am making 5 half-pints of grape
jelly from a grape juice recipe. The Ball Blue Book for
canning is very good for a beginning canner. I see the good
part of canning is that I can look at my accomplishments by
counting the jars cooling on the counter.
It's 3:30 pm and I have two hours to get the house cleaned
and make dinner before my husband gets home. I have this
great urge at times for him to see me as productive. Does
productive equal worthwile? It seems like it, although I
know this is not always the case. A good nap is also
My entry from the other day whining about my husband not
cooking dinner seems so trivial and pathetic. I suppose
everyone has a not so beautiful side to then, especially
when hungry and tired. This diary is to chronicle my
feelings at this moment, and those are not always nice and
happy, but sometimes they are. This is honest writing. This
is me. Ann