a rop through my mind....
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2002-10-28 01:20:09 (UTC)


yeah, i know it's been awhile.
-still with jim and happy :)
-doing well in my classes, which is nice (19/20 on calc
test :) highest in the class!!)
-mostly living at crow house....refer to summer contact
info or try cell
-to new hampshire for turkey day, and bringing my sage
little sister home with me!
-12 credits is too few...going to try for more next
semester (including dif eq and real--two hard math

that would be the updates, so now that you are all pretty
much up to speed....this weekend. friday was good, hit up
both red death (huge sig ep party) before it got busted,
and heaven and hell (huge pi lam party). dragged Alexandra
out, it was fun...just good to see random people i don't
usually see...yes the people i've met at other
parties....though i suppose you get "party friends" if you
travel in one party circut (mine being namely frat parties)
long enough, but good times had by all :) big parties are
cool cuz there's a vibe about it that you can do dumb shit
and nobody really notices....anyway, and last night was AXP
3-3 (formal dinner then hay ride and bonfire)...aka 12
hours of being around drinking people (aka free
entertainment). I got a pretty dress (gonna wear it to
ring dinner too, can't wait for that...anyway), and looked
cute :) (yes i honostly think that)...well after my little
freak out cuz i can't get my hair to see my
fave grads :) (roe, tool and jay) so that was fun, and
kenric was there (somebody i lived with this summer and
haven't seen since), it was lots of fun, but have some
bruises and scrapes from the bonfire (ok, so tackling kim
isn't the brightest idea, but it was funny), rain held out
while we were there, it was a little muddy, but meh, we
delt and had a good time :) coat smells like campfire
now :

moving along, i think i finally figured out what i want to
do with my life, the more i look into becoming an actuary,
the more it seems like it suits me :)

i think that's about all for now, so yeah, i'll try to keep