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2002-10-28 00:57:31 (UTC)

Not again!!!

Guess what? It's that time of the month and I'm freakin'
horny. I've been reading stories, and since it's the
weekend, my mind has time to wander, especially about sex. I just
want to go over to Josh's house right now and have him fuck me. I've
been fantasizing about it forever! The last time we had sex was
right after our trip to Florida, in august!!! Argh! I can't go that
long, and I can't even masturbate now. If I could just do it and cum
all this would be over with and I'd go back to normal. Who knows!
If anyone actually reads this and has advice, let me know.

Funny that someone like me likes sex so much. Straight A's,
conservative. Apparently everyone has a evil side. Mine is sex. I
mean, right now, I'd take it from anyone. Gotta get off this, not in
that way unfortunately. Adios