Motivation Proclamation
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2002-10-28 00:25:20 (UTC)


So I just opened up a free open diary and was writing for
ever in there and it just deleted everything on me, so funk
free open diary!

Anyways I just basically wrote about Justin and how much I
love him and how we broke up and then got back together on
new years. I think we are really going to make it this
time. providing that he doesn't get sent away from me.
And if he does, hopefully we will be married by then.
Yea! And I also spoke briefly about Maureen and how she
has a new girlfriend Jenn. Wow, yea I try not to be in the
room when she spends the nite cause it is just a really
really strange friggin sight! Happy thought time-21 in 35
days!!! Time for Simon Gagne! Ohhhhh baby! Justin
already got me a present, yep he love me! And I love him
dammit! And I love my two roommates Alannah and Danielle,
yea girls A-8, we tight like dreadlocks! Well I am really
gonna go cause i am tired of writing about myself!