Motivation Proclamation
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2002-10-28 00:20:24 (UTC)

Long Time No See

Yo yo, it's me, I haven't written in about 10 months, so
welcome to my new life. I am taking four classes with four
labs-Botany, Physics for Life Science I, Comparative
Anatomy and Vertebrate Physiology. So for so good except I
got a 63 on my physics test. I HATE PHYSICS! I have an
anatomy test on Friday and two tests on the following
Monday. I can do it-I'm a champ!

I am also running cross country again, it is the best thing
ever. We have a new coach, Coach Jason Capelli. He is
hands down the most awesome coach ever. Here are some
quotes from him Frodo sucks, sunday is a good day for LSD
(now on our tie dye long sleeve t's), want some candy
little girl--hehehehe it's in the trunk!, and fire fire
fire! He is soo funny. The girls on the team this year
are Jenny Clayton, Cara Monkowski, Danielle Kleppan, Katie
Loyster, Erin Healy, Emma Wilson, Jennifer Ward, Lee A.,
Rachel Hughes, Rebecca Alper, and me! Small team with most
injured from our psycho cross country camp. Jenny is
running the disney marathon in January and me, cara and
emma are flying down to volunteer and watch her! Fun fun!
Also my best time in the 5k this year is 23:31 at