chevs life
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2002-10-28 00:06:39 (UTC)

Just An Average Weekend

Today, I'm gonna sum up my whole weekend considering
there'd be like a sentence if I wrote about just today.
Not that it would matter cuz no one ever reads this anyway
except Mandy.

It was alright! No school means more sleep :) and I
definitely don't mind that. Jess slept over Thursday night
so ya, she was over too. I don't think I really did
anything till the night. I went to Amanda's which was
pretty fun. We played "putz" (haha) and of course I was
like the putz the whole time cuz I suck at the game. Haha.
Then I left to go to fright night. Which brings me to...

Fright Night was alot of fun. Me, Rosetta and Rebecca did
the registration then hung out and watched all the movies.
It was awesome (I thought anyway) even though they changed
like all the movies. That was kind of a bummer. Grr. There
were so many people there, I saw alot of people I haven't
seen in a few years. That's what high school does to ya...
Anyhoo, I stayed up the whole night, I was super hyper cuz
I was WAY over tired. We went to McDonald's for breakfast
after which I'm now regretting. I loved eating breakfast
there until now. I got my food, unwrapped it, picked it up
and grease was dripping off of it. I almost puked.
Normally, it's not THAT greasy! Ugh! But, since I was
really really hungry, I ate it anyway. Believe me, there
will be no more McDonald's breakfasts for me! Next, I went
to Jordan's hockey game which was pretty fun besides the
fact that I was all by myself on the opposing team's side
(hehe) but I was too tired to cheer so it was alright.
That night, I had a few people over (no big party for all
of you who feel left out) and I ended up going to sleep at
like 9:30 cuz I was so tired. I'm a bad hostess but Jess
was there and she basically lives here so she could handle

So far, I haven't done much and I probably won't be doing
anything too interesting. I went to church and there was
this pretty cool guest speaker who did the sermon. I
didn't fall asleep this time! Hooray for me! It could've
been cuz she was like yelling but meh! It was pretty
interesting anyway. After church I went to Arby's with my
sister and her friend. That was alright, I haven't eaten
there in a while (man, their mozza sticks are DISGUSTING
now). I came home and wrote my resume and cover letter and
I've been on MSN all day (as usual).

Well that's my weekend... SEE YAZ!