Just a Girl In The World
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2002-10-27 23:46:46 (UTC)

First Entry

I once had a diary on another site. But, if you don't
write in it regularly, they trash it. So, here is my
attempt at another one.

Now for the introductions. I am a 28 year old lesbian. I
live in a small city in Ohio. I currently have a
girlfriend. But, I'm not sure how long that will last.
She now lives two hours away. Its hard to maintain a
relationship like this one. Since she moved 3 weeks ago,
I've talked to her about 4 times on the phone and get an E-
mail every few days.

In the begining of our relationship, it started as most do,
with an intensity so great. We spent every moment that we
weren't at work or asleep on the phone or the computer.
After two months, she decided to move here. Both of us
hated the distance. But, when she got here, we found that
we were different. I have a very small house. She had
boxes stacked all over the place for a month. While I
wouldn't consider myself a neat freak, I do try to keep the
house in some sort of order. Anyway, this cause some
friction between us. She got homesick for friends and
family and decided to move back home.

Now, she explains the lack of interaction in the fact that
she doesn't want to get "addicted" like she was in the
beginning. She doesn't want us to spend all of our time on
the computer or the phone. She wants to do things with her
friends and family. While I think this is healthy, there
has to be some interaction in order to keep the
relationship alive.

So now I wonder what to do. Do I hang on and hope things
will get better? Or, do I move on?