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2002-10-27 23:06:05 (UTC)

yuck yuck and more blah

yea this bites. alll my friends are at the local tonight
cept me. i think jay might be home. but that doesnt matter.
ehh well hmm. how about this, since everyone wants me to go
to the local, and everyone expects me to go to the local, i
just wont go. heeeh new rule for me, no going to the local.
i have better things to do. well yea not really, but who
gives a poo.

jay has pretty eyes, hah.

i wanna gooo to sleep! im still sick yuck. i have homework
still, blah. i hate this! i just want to get the fuggo out
of here. i want out! i neeeeeeed out! if only i was a few
freakin years older, but no. ahh well, ill go to sleep soon
and worry about it tomorrow haha. (yes im gonna go to bed
at 8, ima loser, but im sick remember?)

damn. i didnt get to go get my tongue pierced cause i was
sick. fuggo. ill get it done next weekend then. final.

**The Incomprehension**
Needless progression
Misleading impression
Never ending obsession
Craving attention
Creating a tension
With Supposed possession
The incomprehension/

yea ima shitty writer, oh well