mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-10-27 23:03:50 (UTC)

guardian angels.....

Do you believe in guardian angels ? i do, and here is
another example as to why i do.
My son jon is a sophomore in hs, and he plays bass drum in
the school band. this past fri night there was a home
football game, so he was there with the band. I am a 911
dispatcher in the next town over, i work 3-11, so
unfortunately i dont get to go to the games and see him
Anyway - this past fri night , I am at work , it is time
for game to be over, and I hear on ambulance frequency that
there is a very bad accident right around corner from the
hs. My parental radar goes into action, i immediately
think, ok , where is the lil drummer dude? my spider senses
are tingling, but 10 min later he signs online from home. I
start an im with him about the accident, he say he must
have just missed it (boy did he ever)as he just got home.
I am listening to the call for more ambulances from the
scene, as it is a multi-victim, multi-trauma extracation
incident. I know it isnt gonna be good. I talk to him again
in another im last night, he is upset, as all in accident
are his friends from band . today i go to take him to
church and he is even more upset, he found out that 1
victim from accident was in traumatic cardiac arrest from
injuries, and he isnt sure if she made it or not. I have
never seen him that upset, and that bothered me quite a bit.
I told him that i would do as much checkin as i could to
find out exactly what happened. I made a phone call after
church, found out that it didnt look to good, i told this
to jon, and also told him that young people are great at
rebounding from very bad injuries. i told him that i would
do more research later , and now i have found out and told
him that it wasnt a traumatic cardiac arrest, but rather a
traumatic respiratory arrest. Still a very critical injury.
We still dont know if this person is on a respirator or
not, but she is still alive , critical, unstable, but alive.
that did make jon feel somewhat better. He told me earlier
that he was so upset, because not only were these his
friends, but he was supposed to get ride home from game
with them. I thank God that he didnt. to me this proves
that God has an angel watchin over me & my family, as he
well knows the burdens that i am facing, and this would
have really been a toughie.
Thank You GOd for your continued blessings to my family and
friends, and I pray to you that this girl will be ok.
Lisa, I want you to know that I pray for us at church
every sunday, I know we arent the most religious people,
but I do know that God is watchin us.......