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2002-10-27 22:58:42 (UTC)


This is one day I wish I was dead.I really hate life,
tomorow's there school and blah blah blah...Fun -_-!Anyways
today when I was woke up, I had an headache n' stuff.Then I
log on furcadia just to be even more
depressed...My "Friend" Tasha hates me and so does her
new "Virtual Lover" Mitternacht :P Oh well.One more on
my "I hate MooFag" list.Guess 'tis life tho I did enjoy
hanging 'round Tasha -_-;.Anyways had to poof to do stupid
homework n' shit.Then back on furcadia, still hated, more
fun...Weee!So I guess that's all for my shitty journal
entry!(Heh atleast yesterday was a good day