Strata of Life
2002-10-27 22:48:44 (UTC)

I dont know why i begin..

I dont know why i begin diaries..if i abandon them within a
few days..No, i actually want to keep this one going..The
only way this diary differs from all the others i've
written online is the fact that i didnt send the link to
all my friends like i usually do. That way I wont actually
have censor my feelings and thoughts..
This weekend has been so exhausting..I started working as a
hostess at this italian restaurant..First day was Friday
and it wasn't that bad..I got to meet some nice waitresses
and hosting wasnt so bad..The owner's wife was
vindictive.."Back straight..stay here..no chitchat with the
guys at the counter..u got problems, you leave them at
home! always smile.." argh! i could see her watching me
everytime i turned around..scary! the end of the night was
amazing when my baby came to surprise me with flowers and
honey(inside joke). I spent the rest of the night drinking
hot tea trying to defrost my glacial hands while talking to
my baby on the phone. Went to bed late.
Sat morning..woke up, cleaned a bit..had breakfast with my
baby..hung out at the park sitting by the water observing
the scenery..wow, its quite amusing to watch geese.
At 4 i had to go work..it started out ok..no customers till
aout 5:30, when everything began to get crazy. Did i
mention i had to leave early that day? I told my boss a
week ago, and he said it was fine. He wasnt there on sat,
but his evil mother was..I told her i was leaving early
when i came in..she said it was fine..Now it was about
6..and i was running around like crazy seating people, and
doing waitress work in the back.Waitresses kept giving me
orders to make this and that for them..and i had no
training in anything.I tried my best.screwed up a few
times..the whole place was packed..now it was 7, and
everything was just as crazy..i told 'the mom' i had to go
now, and she gave me this awful look..argh, just thinking
about it makes me shudder..i didnt even get to fold napkins
before i left like i had to..
I was shaking in the car thinking i've just lost my job..my
2nd day and i already screwed up! now, i was on my way to
babysitting..i never drove there by myself before so i was
bound to get lost.i showed up like 5 minutes late..they
didnt seem to mind too much. When they left, i called my
mom to tell her about the hectic day..she calmed me
down..told me how i just had a taste of the real world..i
called a friend afterwards and had a chat..later that night
i talked to my baby..and watched a movie..got home a
quarter to 1, and fell asleep..
I was supposed to work today, but my boss called and said
they've got a girl for sundays..and that we'd talk
throughout the week..i promised to babysit next sat too,
and i said i'd call if i have to work that day and wont be
able to come over to watch the kids..i dont know whats
gonna happen next weekend..wish me luck..