Too Common

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2002-10-27 22:13:50 (UTC)


I have met this boy. Well actually I haven't met him. I
bet that he reads this too. I am not so sure about him
yet. I can't tell if he is the real down to earth type or
you know, he could be 50 and love to pretend he is having
sex with little girls. But I... in my heart... think that
he is for real. He matters to me more than my friends, and
more then so many different things that go on in my life.
I check if he is online almost 10 times a day. He puts a
meaning in my life... And I am sure that he does that for
so many other people, cause he just seems to damn nice to
not talk to someone if they want to talk, kind of my
story. But yeah. I have no idea what to think of him. It
is like I am falling in love with him, for what he is doing
to me without even knowing it.
Anyways- people that have a lot of disappointment in
me are really being nice to me lately. I owe my grandpa
over 400 dollars... if you want to be technical i owe him
2500 dollars,and he just gave me back the 100 that i
already paid back to him, and told me that he doesnt want
my money, that it is alright. and recently i got suspended
from school for smoking... which was ridiculous... I am the
new girl, shit like that isnt supposed to happen.
There is so much shit in my life that only happens to
me, it is astonishing... I just broke up with the
boyfriend, the best boyfriend actually, but i cannot commit
no matter what I do, I am in love with some kid that i dont
know on the computer, and i hate being at school... the
only reason i go is because my best friend, who also
happens to be my teacher... whom i respect such an
incredible amount that it isnt even funny...
I actually miss her when she isnt around. I wonder...
but yeah... I will write in here all the time since i will
always be checking someone's which i know is weird.. i
tried to send him a picture today but it didnt work and i
was pissed. I will tell you a story about someone named
Bryan tomorrow.

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