This is where u want me to put the name
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2002-10-27 21:53:52 (UTC)

Hi how u doin, may I help u, bye have a nice night......

i think ive said those words a rediculous amount of times
in the past 2 days lol. it happens. yea so me es tired n
angered bc i think i have work on halloween n thas NO good
lol. maybe ill see if i can work friday instead...poopy.
my earrings itch..and i dont appriciate it. ehh its cold.
hey today is sunday..tomorrow is monday...skool...herm o
well i dont even mind skool anymore i get out early and i
have good classes with fun ppl. ive had a yucky few days
but ive decided that if i pretend everything is kewl then
it will be bc i actually am fine half the time so yea. i
forget wat my point was. gurgle.