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2001-08-08 18:43:29 (UTC)


my neck is really stiff today:( i slept on it wrong last
night and now i can't hardly move it to the right. i can to
the left just fine. i should take a hot shower or soak in
the bath, but i can't, i hafta watch the boys. oh well, i'll
just use the heating pad. maybe that'll work. it didn't last
time, but it might now. i hope. my dad took off on his
motorcycle this mornin and nobody's seen him all day. i hope
that he's ok. he left his cell phone here, so there's no way
to reach him. he better be back later otherwise that'll be
bad. i hope that chelle gets better really soon! cuz it's
not fun bein sick, i know that for a fact. we figured out
what out problem is why we don't have boyfriends.....the
only people that like us are the people from our own
species....that would be me and her. i really find a guy to
like, cuz that's always fun. i haven't had a boyfriend for 2
or 3 years. somethin like that. compared to everyone else,
that's really pathetic on my part. oh well, boys aren't
worth all the trouble. really they're not. grrrrrr......i
should go lay down cuz i'm really tired and then i can see
if my neck will feel better. i hope so. i'm gonna do that.

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