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2002-10-27 19:29:25 (UTC)


This weekend was one of the best. Except Alex got grounded
again. :( Shes always grounded and it sucks. Oh well what
can ya do?, I just hope she gets off for halloween because
if she's grounded it looks like I'll be sitting at home,
alone. So anyway, this weekend was awesome. I didn't really
do anything but hang out with Derek, friday and yesterday
and it was great. Last night we went to IHOP and saw Amber,
it was nice seeing her again. Then we rented Panic Room, it
was good, oh yeah and I got ET on DVD -- collectors edition
thank you very much.
As far as my brother goes... I miss him each day more and
more :(. It's going to be srtange going to my grandmas for
Thanksgiving, without him.
But anyway, today is going to be a lazy day unless perhaps
I go to the movies with Katie. :) Okay well I'm gunna go
to lunch!

funny conversation with Joe:

AnimatronicBeast (11:15:49 AM): I once heard a wise man
say, Do not have sex to have fast music , YOU WILL CUM
kELLy61586 (11:16:15 AM): seriously?
AnimatronicBeast (11:16:25 AM): what ?
kELLy61586 (11:16:46 AM): hmm...
kELLy61586 (11:16:48 AM): nevermind
AnimatronicBeast (11:16:53 AM): it makes sense
AnimatronicBeast (11:17:04 AM): the faster you go the less
its going to last
AnimatronicBeast (11:17:53 AM): if you fuck to like ron-d-
core you will cum
kELLy61586 (11:18:37 AM): why have any music
AnimatronicBeast (11:18:46 AM): why not?
kELLy61586 (11:18:51 AM): i dunno...
kELLy61586 (11:18:58 AM): distracting?
AnimatronicBeast (11:19:03 AM): haha
AnimatronicBeast (11:19:18 AM): na, it takes a lot more
then that to distract someone from having sex
kELLy61586 (11:19:33 AM): but what if your like having sex
and like singing along
kELLy61586 (11:19:39 AM): it would be weird
AnimatronicBeast (11:19:42 AM): then you suck at life
AnimatronicBeast (11:19:49 AM): and the other person will
slap you
AnimatronicBeast (11:19:54 AM): and walk out
AnimatronicBeast (11:19:59 AM): and take your wallet
AnimatronicBeast (11:20:12 AM): and piss on the interior of
your car
AnimatronicBeast (11:20:28 AM): I don't know , I just made
all that up
AnimatronicBeast (11:20:58 AM): but you have to be pretty
dumb to sing along to music while having sex
AnimatronicBeast (11:22:49 AM): I think I should write a
arcticle on that
AnimatronicBeast (11:22:54 AM): songs not to have sex to