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2002-10-27 18:03:40 (UTC)

Rocky Horror Picture Show

I had the most amazing night last night! I went to my
friend Whitney's for her Rocky Horror party, and lo and
behold, some one actually dressed as Frank. He was
gorgeous! His name was James and he was more beautiful than
Tim Curry's original. I just wanted to kiss this guy, he
was so cute. Unfotunatly, he was a bit self concious, but
he shouldn't be, because he was very very attractive. After
the costume came off, he sort of reminded me of Tommy
Gnosis from Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Still, beautiful. I
would say I'm in love, but I'm just infatuated. That always
happens when I meet someone new and gorgeous. I love my
little crushes, they are so much fun. I do however hope to
get to know James better, he seems so cool. I should really
have more friends here in Crescent City. After teh party, I
drove this other guy, Jared home. He was just so nice, and
he writes. If I'm really lucky, we'll become friends and
then I can be surrounded by beautiful people. I love
beautiful people. Jared is a year behind me, I think, and
he's just so sweet. I talked to him more than James, maybe
tha's why I'm so fascinated by James, he's mysterious. I
gave Jamie Weller a lap dance to the song Creature of the
Night from the movie and now he thinks I'm sexy. Joey went
as Satan and I was a pansy Glam Rocker. I looked so rad. It
was awesome! Ashley was there too and she went as a guy.
Addie was a black deat victim and our host was a dead smack
addict come from heaven. It was very funny. I hope James
writes, I gave him my e-mail. We can only pray. Stay wilder
than the wind and blow me into cry . . .

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