Everything happens for a reason....?
2001-08-08 17:15:33 (UTC)

Freeze the moment

Just the other day I was sitting at a restaurant with my
friend, and the Cubs game came on. I remember how our
little date was, at one of those bar/restaurant
types...watching basketball. So I wandered off to my
thoughts of him, as she continued to talk about the
different kinds of cigarettes. I can't help but smile
whenever I think of him, especially whenever I think of the
memories I've had with him. He's on vacation for this week
and next week I leave for college. I have a whole 3 days
when he returns to talk to him and either tell him my
feelings and hope for something to happen, or just let go
with some type of closure and move on to bigger and
(hopefully) better things. Right now, I don't know what I
want, I really want to be with him but at the same time my
mind tells me as cool as a person he is, he wouldn't be
right for me at this point in my life. Maybe I feel that
way because everything is changing for me
They say when you leave for college that you'll still stay
in touch with friends and stuff, but I mean, look at those
words "stay in touch"...those words imply nights of going
out for coffee and talking about shallow shit or updating
eachother on one another's lives. Not REAL friendship talk,
you know, the kind where you talk about love, the future,
and even the meaning of life. So, everything IS changing,
and it IS time for me to move on in life I guess. God is my
only stability, but I still wish I could stop time for a
little longer. Longer so I could say bye to my parents,
longer so I could have REAL friendship talks with my close
buds, longer so I could savor those unique moments when I
we make eye contact and it feels as if the world stops into
that one moment, longer so I can basically realize what I
have, what I'm going to loose and what I'm moving on too.