My Life
2001-08-08 17:12:41 (UTC)

Justine and Jon

This morning, I went to the beach with Justine so she could
break up with Jon. When we got there, he ws swimming with
a bunch of other people and we could tell that he didn't
wanna get outta the water. He finally did and walked over
to Justine and I. He said, "Are you mad at me?" and
Justine said, "No, I'm pi****." And there were little kids
standing around so I led them away to let Justine and Jon
talk. It was very quick. They just both broke it off and
Justine and I left. We were suppose to get together
afterwards but she is feeling sick to her stomach. For the
rest of the day, my plans are going online and watching
movies... that's about it.