My Life
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2001-08-08 17:12:35 (UTC)


Oh god...i want brad so badly...i really love him, i havent
seen him in a week and sadly enough, he's the only thing i
want for my birthday. i had a dream that i woke up on my
birthday and he was standing outside my door with a big bow
on him...and really that would be the perfect gift!
There's nothing else i want...except him...*sigh*...i don't
have to ride tonight (it got cancelled cuz it's so damn
hot) so maybe i'll see him tonight, i hope so, i miss him s
much! plus i'm leaving for camp on sunday and he's leaving
for a baseball tournament on friday, and thursday night my
parents wanna have my family birthday dinner since i have
to work friday. If i could see him tonight and tomorrow
taht would be perfect. Hopefully he doesn't have a
tournament the weekend i get back from camp cuz im gonna
need to see him so bad,especially after spending 2 weeks
with all girls! The thing that bites is that last time i
was away he wanted to hook up with tamara so
badly...luckily jenna wouldn't let it happen cuz she hates
tamara, but still...what happens if he hooks up with
someone while im away this time?! Mind you, Ashley's bring
up her boys the middle weekend of camp so we can maybe
smoke and fool around with some guys...but still, i want
brad. what i really want is for him to kiss me. god it's
been so long since a guy has really kissed me. i've fooled
around with guys, but i just want him to kiss me. it
sounds weird but that's what i really want. UGH!!!! i just
wish he would figure his shit out so that something could
happen between us. he confuses me so much it's not even
funny. sometimes he wants us to hook up and then he's like
no we're just friends, that's it. UGH!!!! even his mom
wants us to be sad is that?! she's the
greatest though, she told him that we're gonna get married
someday. She also told him he should go out with me. I
WISH!!! her and me need to talk to plan out a strategy
hahaha...anyways i've written a hell of a lot, and i need
to shower...

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