I dunno
2001-08-08 16:38:08 (UTC)

God life is boring

im so sick of my everyday life nothing fun ever happens,
ever. i hate it theres nothing to do today. i'm really
getting sick of hanging out with tommy too all he fucking
cares about is his girfriend. he only hangs out with me
when she cant do anything. its to bad i dont have any other
friends.i just wanna move and start over life fucking sux
maybe ill just kill my self, i dunno. i wish i would meet
some new people, poeple like me, but i dont think theres
anybody like me out there, and it pissing me off. Today is
gonna suck just like evereday and im gonna be with the same
people and do the same damn thing. God i hate it. i might
just back to bed , i might as well i'd probubly have more
fun sleeping then trying to do something. i really think im
gonna go crzy soon, i dont know how to deal with anything
and i just act stupid insted of mad, and i think it will be
the end of me.i'm only gonna give tommy a little more time
and then im just gonna stop talking to him and megan. i
know i havent always been there for him, but i try to be
the best friend i can be, and he naever does a damn thing
for me and he doesnt even care about me you know
what fuck him. and fuck megan too, im tired of em both.i
guess that leavs me with about one friend, oh well at least
hes really my friend. fuck it, thats my new matto. i dont
even know how to express my feelings all i can say is im
tired of all the shit in my life.