One hell of a life
2002-10-27 09:01:34 (UTC)

10-27-02 entry six

I was on MSN with Eric...he's like my best guy
friend...he's my big brother...i love him loads and loads.
I told him about what Patrick did to me, how he pushed me
over after class and just started to try and kiss me, and
touch me. Eric was so great about it, he was just like,
"that sick fuck, no one likes him, wtf is wrong with him?
I'll beat him up if he does anything else to you i know you can call me any time to talk about it."
I don't know where I'd be if he wasn't around to talk
to...he's always there for me.

Anyway, now Patrick is being a total asshole about it...and
he's started calling me "bitch" cause I turned him
down...hey it's not my fucking fault if I act hostile and
different around him, I mean he tried to change everything
and it was fine the way it was, friends, nothing more.

Okay enough bitching I think for now.

Tonight I'm gonna do one of those "girly" nights.
For now, I gotta finish my h/w and go listen to some relaxing
music. And write in my REAL journal.