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2001-08-08 16:20:13 (UTC)

just when i got him OFF my mind...

GOD!! well jason emailed me last night saying how me wants
me SOO bad and he has been trying to call me and
stuff...GOD i just got him off my mind and i really didn't
want a bf but now he em's me this letter and like i said he
has the biggest effect on me then anyone else:(!! ugh! i
mean of course i want to go back out with him but i don't
want to be hurt again. and i'm not sure if he's mature
enough to even have a relationship?!?!? [email protected]!! its' so
confusing and i have to think about it for a long time! i
mean i liked him the most out of all of my bf's but i
really don't know what to do here?!?!?:)