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2001-08-08 15:46:07 (UTC)

Au 08/01 On diets

I hate having to diet. I wish I were born perfect. I wish
I had the guts and pererverance to remain on a diet.

Well, I have the rest of my life to loose weight. I'm going
to buy a scale so I can weigh myself everyday.

I didn't eat anything for breakfast. This is what I'm
having in a couple minutes for lunch:

1 medium size tomatoe
1/2 cup of sliced cucumbers
1/3 can of sockeye salmon

I'm very fearful of the fat content in salmon. I will be
sure to get tuna next time. I think there's less fat with
tuna. But, then again, there's the protein. I need protein
to keep my muscles going when I'm exercising.

Better go. I'm going to be successful on this diet. Even
if it kills me!