I have become comfortably numb
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2002-10-27 06:34:42 (UTC)

What I am living For

What is it I am living for?
No answers ever came to mind
But then a revelation hit me
Like a ship sailin through my
Dark night
I saw you standin there
With that twinkle in your eye
It was the angel I have been
Waiting for
You came and saved my life
With just one smile
Not even a word
I felt the pain was lifted
From my chest
It was you I have been
Looking for
I knew from the first moment
You were not like the rest
All my sorrows seem to slip away
Whenever you are near
With you by my side, holding my hand
There is nothing I will ever fear
My past isn't the present anymore
Theres no more emptiness in my heart
You filled it all up with your love
As you broke the barrier in front of you
completely apart
You are my angel, my savior, the air
That I live and breath
You are the one I want and love
The only one I will ever need
My inspiration, my soul
My new found glory is you
And with all I have said
You still wonder
Why I am living for you?

I love you Jeremy, nothin will ever change that.

"The answer is always in front of you, you just have to
open up your eyes and see, who you are, and be able to
understand what is meant to be."

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