lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-10-27 06:27:04 (UTC)

one-eyed, one-horned...

HAHAHA!! beware!!! i'm the purple people eater!

uh anyhow, meg & mal & i went shopping today for
dresses. mal tried on this ridiculous bright purple
dress and i was wearing this starry one and we started
attacking each other in the dressing rooms...and
somehow meghan got to see my butt TWICE in one
day. quite a lucky girl :-)

so i got a dress...basically it's meg's teal one except
red. and it has a kind of different's
pretty. you can come see it.

today the lame guys came over and skated down my
street and videotaped it. and supposedly they tried
skating down terra bella. good heavens. but kevin told
me he has to wear a tux so he's making all the other
guys wear eddie called me and asked if he
had to and i told him i didn't care but secretly it would
be pretty tight. anyway he said he probably would so
that he could feel like james bond...uh huh.

we had a mini-concert was good but kind of
sad cuz i guess someone from our school lost their
dad this week PLUS kyle salter got in an accident...fell
asleep behind the wheel and has like massive face
damage. the homecoming king...what are the odds?
man it's sad. i know i might sound sarcastic but it

now i'm hungry again...i swear to crap my body is about
to explode from whatever weird schedule i'm on.

listen to midtown. or don't. whatever.