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2002-10-27 05:28:31 (UTC)

haunted housez

iight today is saturday. uhh nuttin' really went on dis
week since da last time i wrote. i started talkin' to chris
shaffer and man is he yummy. but he'z gotta bad rep. i dont
think i like jon nemore. he'z a lil'a mean, and mayb he'z
just jokin' but i dunno. he makez me feel kinda stupid. hmm
i think i only like gage, as a friend. uhh im just 'bout
over jason. derz dis really fine guy dat goes to raytown
named israel and he'z mexican! da-da-damn. gotta get me sum
of dat. and uhh i dunno wut else. oh, i think i want cody
back. everyone sayz i did him wrong, cuz i broke up wit him
for no reason. he whuz lookin' so good da otha day. but he
seemz a lil' resistance around me now. it mite take sum
work. actually i dont even kno if i am capable of gettin'
him back. how said. newayz enough of bein' sad. yesterday
me, steph, mark, and jenn went to da moviez and saw the
ring. it whuz sooo scary, it whuz really good. i saw brent,
melissa, emily, heather, and ashley up der. and mayb sum
otha peoplez, but i dont memba now. uhh today we went to da
haunted housez. we only went to one. it costs 20 buckz. and
it whuz completely gay. so we're like fuck dis and left. so
we went to taco bell got sum food. den went ova to eric'z
and chilled der for awhile. den we came home. and now im
here. well, im done now so peace!