My Life
2001-08-08 14:58:22 (UTC)

Something I never thought would happen.....

OMG! August 5th at 5:54 Zack broke up with me! He told me
that it was because I didn't call him at exactly 5, but
last night Pamela told me that it's because he found out
that I kissed another guy in March. OMG! I feel so bad. I
know it was my fault, but I wish he would have told me
that. I miss him so much! I got another boyfriend that
night, that wasn't any trouble, I just still want Zack
back. I never thought this would happen! *cries* We are
really good friends right now though. I want to be his
friend because first of all, I don't wanna lose him as a
boyfriend and as a friend. He is still my best friend.
*pathetic* Zack and my use2b best friend want to go out,
and they both alwayz told me that they could never go out
with each other.:'( Well, this just shows who your real
friends are. O well...well, the guy I'm going out with now
is so sweet and he is really hott. The day before
yesterday, we spent all day together, he like didn't leave
my side the whole time and aww. I still miss Zack though.
Well, I have to go finish crying.
Love alwayz,